The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool for Your Dealership

C3 Dealer is designed to help you crush the competition and increase your bottom line with your dealership. Our proprietary software and A.I. technology provide dealerships with the tools they need to get ahead of their competition by reaching customers first and getting their vehicles off the lot faster.

1st-Party Data for Dealerships

Our comprehensive tool includes Proprietary Ranking Initiatives (PRI™) to increase visibility on search engines, Consumer Assimilation Software (CAS™) to capture intentional shoppers before your competition, and Targeted Outreach Campaigns (TOC™) to convert browsers into buyers.


Stop getting to the customer late!  Connect with local, state, or national consumer bases through our Proprietary Ranking Initiative™ (PRI™). Increase intentional searches specific to your dealership and get ahead of the competition.


Get those cars off the lot faster! Capture an intentional shopper before your competitions with our Consumer Assimilation Software™ (CAS™), meaning we identify your website traffic!


Connect more effectively, sell more vehicles, and increase customer satisfaction. Convert browsers into buyers with our Targeted Outreach Campaigns™ (TOC™). Our outreach campaigns amplify your own efforts to get those cars off the lot faster.

Boost Your Online Presence With Digital Billboards
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Cover Blind Spots In Your SEO Strategy

Be found online with our Digital Billboards. Get those cars off the lot and increase customer satisfaction with ads tailored to their needs.


Target Key Geographical Areas

Target specific geographical areas with our tailored Digital Billboards. Reach more people in specific areas you'd like to convert in.


Boost Domain Authority

Overall, have a greater presence online and boost your ranking with our tailored Digital Billboards. Increase your domain authority to get more relevant service leads.

C3 Dealer & rapidrecon

3-Step Service Emails

Stop getting to the customer late!  Connect with local, state, or national consumer bases through our Proprietary Ranking Initiative™ (PRI™). Increase intentional searches specific to your dealership and get ahead of the competition.

Reach Customers First

Our 3-Step Service Emails provide a personalized experience to your customers, helping you increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Edge Out The Competition

C3 Dealer is the ultimate tool for any dealership looking to get to customers fast. Our proprietary software and AI technology help you rank higher and reach the customer first.

Stay Top-Of Mind

Stop reaching potential buyers second. C3 Dealer helps you stay top-of-mind with customers and prospects by reaching out after they already took notice of your brand!

Enhance Your Reputation

Buyers can take 3-4 interactions before they purchase. C3 Dealer helps you maximize customer interactions to enhance your reputation and boost sales.

3-Step Service SMS

C3 Dealer SMS helps you engage visitors directly and build strong relationships that last. Automate your outreach efforts and get to the customer faster with C3 Dealer! Increase intentional searches, capture potential leads quickly and convert browsers into buyers.

Maximize Customer Interactions

Send 3-Step Service SMS to maximize customer interactions and enhance your reputation. This automated approach helps you stay top of mind and ensures that no one slips through the cracks!

Keep Your Customers Loyal

C3 Dealer's 3-Step Service SMS helps you create a personalized experience for your customers. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with our comprehensive tool.

Questions? We Have Answers.

Why are local searches important?

If you haven’t reworked your SEO strategy this year you’re falling behind. Google has recently revamped its searches, emphasizing location. With C3 Dealer, you can extend and create local coverage in either a cluster of local cities or create an entire national presence.

Will this help my mobile searches?

Yes! The world’s gone mobile, with over 70% of searches on Google done on a mobile or smart device. This means 2 big things: 1) mobile-ready pages are critical. 2) every search uses location. If your ideal customer is searching in Tucson, AZ, then Google knows their location. So in most cases, we recommend for this person a Tucson, AZ page.

How soon can I market to C3 Clients?

Identified visitors get queued up immediately for all marketing channels via API or our export feature. Facebook and Instagram audiences could see the social ads within 24 hours or less!

Do I need to download anything?

No, software download required. The C3 dashboard is easily accessible from any web browser.