Frequently Asked Questions

How Does C3 Work?

The C3 script is placed on the customer’s website. Our AI technology can identify 40-60% of anonymous visitors.

Is this the same as a Facebook or Google retargeting pixel?

No. Our technology goes one step further by identifying the person behind the visit and not just the cookie or IP address.

What attributes are captured?

With a 99% accuracy, we capture name, address, email, phone, mobile ad ID (MAID), referring URL, and the URL path during the visit.

Why are local searches important?

If you haven’t reworked your SEO strategy this year you’re falling behind. Google has recently revamped its searches, emphasizing location. With C3 Dealer, you can extend and create local coverage in either a cluster of local cities or create an entire national presence.

Who owns this data? 

You do! The data is captured in real-time into your campaign and is available for download at any time.

What marketing channels are available? 

Direct mail, phone, email, SMS/Text, live stream television, Facebook, and Instagram, including like audience creation.

Will this help my mobile searches?

Yes! The world’s gone mobile, with over 70% of searches on Google done on a mobile or smart device. This means 2 big things: 1) mobile-ready pages are critical. 2) every search uses location. If your ideal customer is searching in Tucson, AZ, then Google knows their location. So in most cases, we recommend for this person a Tucson, AZ page.

Do I have to use a specific marketing agency or tool?

Absolutely not. We understand that there are infinite variations of campaigns and needs in the application. However, this platform was structured around our marketing agency. This means we have a superior understanding of the tool. Our internal agency can give you the best results through our benefits and features, such as:Proprietary Ranking Initiative (PRI)Consumer Assimilation Software (CAS)Targeted Outreach Campaigns (TOC)Each of these benefits work in tandem to drive more vehicle shoppers to your dealership's website and through your dealership's door.

How long until I can market to C3 Clients?

Identified visitors get queued up immediately for all marketing channels via API or our export feature. Facebook and Instagram audiences could see the social ads within 24 hours or less!

Is there a commitment required? 

No, we find a commitment makes the customer feel tied down and allow for a simple 30-Day opt-out. We know when you see your success from C3 you will not want to market without it.

Is this legal?

Yes, our product is being used by some of the largest companies in the United States. It has been thoroughly vetted by one of the top privacy law firms in the country.

Is this good for Large Directories and Listing sites?

Yes! It can be used to create any hierarchy of pages, similar to a directory, or multi-level linking. That includes any form of a hierarchy, from 2 levels to thousands of levels deep.

Do I have to download software?

No software download required. The C3 dashboard is easily accessible from any web browser.

Can I use this with my CRM? 

Yes, by combining our data with FUEL CRM or your CRM, we will fill in the missing data so you can have a complete overview of your customers and expand your sales engagement.

What is MAID? (Mobile Advertising ID)

A Mobile Advertising ID (MAID) can be used to advertise your campaigns within a consumer’s phone apps. Mobile Advertising appears on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets with wireless connections—it can look like SMS text message ads, banner ads, or videos that appear embedded on mobile websites, in-apps, or games.
Highly-targeted mobile advertising allows advertisers to provide personalized content to their desired audience, based on individuals’ location, browsing, and buying habits.

To sum it up what do I get with C3 Dealer?

Access to your website visitors' contact information by the first name, last name, email address, physical address, webpages visited, phone number (when not on the National Do Not Call Registry), and more. Sort and Filter options for your newly identified customers by date, address, name, email, phone number, and more. Export your identified visitor list to an Excel format or through our custom API for your marketing and more with a simple click of a button. Website page logs reveal where your identified visitors navigated throughout your website. The form fails leads delivered to the dashboard or your CRM. These leads are from visitors on your website who clicked on one of your submittal forms or add-to-cart buttons and did not fully complete their order or submission.